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A day from Elche, dream location on the Mediterranean, is one of the most beautiful landscapes that always surprises visitors with its contrasting landscapes, and therefore, if you thought you had no pretext for a trip to Alicante, we have one, the happy and colorful celebrations in February, among which is the Carnival of 2013. The busiest holiday celebrations among the great tradition in Spain comes this February 7 for you to escape to Alicante.
Alicante Carnival 2013 begins February 7, Thursday, with the “Dijous Gras” on Friday, February 8 will take place on “Divendres Prego”, Saturday February 9 Kids Carnival “Dissabte Ramblero”. Arrive on Sunday February 10 to Sunday Hangover, and Tuesday, February 12 the “Dimarts de Carnaval” (Mardi Gras).
Do not think that just the party here, because on Wednesday February 13 will take place on “Soterrament of the Sardine” and Sunday February 17 the “Diumenge of Pinyata”.
Elche Carnival 2013, one of the most fun holidays of the city.
The Plaça de Baix is the main meeting point for participants in the Carnival Elche, a place that is filled with people dressed.
The parade, part of the Plaza of Spain to the City Council, was as crowded as expected, all participants are having great time.
Pego Carnival 2013, these Carnivals are really special, the town is transformed, is wrapped with a magic that is not lost on anyone.
Year after year, people from all regions Pego attend because they know that here they will find a festival where everyone participates.
In different parts of the town of Pego orchestras are located where people are really good passes, over 30,000 people coming from different points are shared between them, is one of the holidays that more people congregate in Valencia.
This year the carnival of Pego be from 9 to 16 February. Between days can you not lose carnivals Pego 2013, include:
Down River Bullent: Held the Saturday before Carnival
Costra Day: The Shrove Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Carnival Night: Saturday carnival
Pinyata Night: Burial of the Sardine and end of the Carnival
The recovered tradition “and Pinyata Carnestoltes” Pego it has become one of the most famous and crowded carnivals on the Costa Blanca.
The Carnestoltes is the king of the party or the king of Carnival, is a fictional character, carnival, which is the center of the festivities.
History: Each year appears (depending on the municipality, on Thursday, Friday or Saturday) under the guise of an animal or a person, and read the proclamation which opens with the celebration.
In his opening speech, the king gave permission to have fun without limitation: it is time to dance and parade costume. But chaos and madness only last until Tuesday. That day people realize that such disorder is not good. In open court, the King found guilty of all, and sentenced to death. After reading his will, he was burned in public. From midnight Tuesday and Ash Wednesday during the party is over and Lent begins
On 9 February, the town of Pego color will flood the costumes and the joy of the feast of “Carnestoltes” (Carnival), in which no shortage of bars and several areas pegolinos music.
The traditional Carnival parade will begin at 23.30hy prizes for the best individual and group costumes.
The music in the urban area will be extended until 5 in the morning and there will Macrodiscomóviles alongside Pego nightclubs until the wee hours. The party is assured!
To end the National Day Carnival, Sunday morning in October, there will be children’s parade at 11 am and no shortage of games and entertainment for the kids.
No matter where you are you can move to Alicante by air, sea and land, that easy. Staying at Finca Santa Barbara can spend a vacation to your liking, you have no excuse whatsoever to prevent this February to enjoy holidays in the province of Alicante for Carnival 2013.
Tell family and scores on the agenda that February brings an unforgettable getaway to the region of the landscapes of blue ocean and the warm embrace of the sun, because Alicante always looks great, and you can always have fun and learn more about the and the surrounding province, while participating on their merry Carnival.

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