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Where does this tradition? Is it a myth, a legend or a figment of shops for selling on this day set? Several theories give this date the origin of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries that has been implemented in other countries throughout the twentieth century mainly in the loving couples express their love and affection to each other. Held on February 14, Valentine’s onomastics. In some countries it is known as Valentine’s Day and in others as Day of Love and Friendship.

From Finca Santa Barbara told you that there are various theories that give this date the origin of Valentine’s Day. In the Nordic countries it is during this time when paired and mated birds, hence this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation.

Another theory is that Valentine’s Day has been celebrated recently and came by the interest of the big department stores, but there are indications that date back to the Roman Empire.

In ancient Rome was made the worship of the god of love, whose Greek name was Eros, whom the Romans called Cupid. This celebration is called the favors of God through gifts or offerings to achieve and find the perfect love. Some believe it is a celebration of paganism Christianized.

Valentine was a priest who practiced around the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II ruled, who decided to ban marriages for young people, because in his opinion the bachelors made better soldiers without family, and with fewer strings attached.

The priest felt that the decree was unfair and challenged the Emperor. Held in secret marriages for young lovers (hence it has become popular Valentine is the patron saint of lovers). The Emperor Claudius found out and as Valentine enjoyed great prestige in Rome, the emperor summoned him to the palace. Valentine took the occasion to promulgate Christianity.

Although initially showed interest Claudius II, the army and the Governor of Rome, persuaded him to persuade her.

The Emperor Claudius then gave orders that encarcelasen Valentin. Then, the officer Asterius, imprison manager, wanted to ridicule and test the saint. I challenge you sick, opening the view to a daughter, named Julia, who was born blind. Valentine agreed and on behalf of the Lord restored his sight.

This Asterius convulsed and his family, who converted to Christianity. Anyway, Valentine continued weak prisoner and finally Emperor Claudius ordered that he be martyred and executed on 14 February 270. The young Julia, grateful to the saint, planted a pink-blossomed almond tree near his grave. Hence, the almond is a symbol of lasting love and friendship.

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From Finca Santa Barbara we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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